Chandlers has been serving the public for over 60 years with excellent products and services. It has more recently branched into commercial casework and millwork always keeping the same values and commitments that have been with the company since the beginning. Additionally, Chandlers is strongly committed to helping and improving the environment from the materials being used to what is recycled.


Chandlers Cabinets and Millwork uses the latest of technologies and worker skills to fabricate casework and millwork accurately and efficiently from the designing stages all the way through to the installations.


Production already starts early in the shop drawing stages. Sophisticated AutoCAD integrated software helps produce detailed and accurate shop drawings fast and efficiently. In addition, complete material and hardware reports are all generated as well as automated machine programming for the various CNC equipment. Information is then easily transferred to the various machining, routing, doweling and edge banding stations.


Once all product components are cut and fully machined, skilled workers assemble each product carefully and mount all necessary hardware to finish the product. If any additional finish is required, Chandlers is equipped with a fully enclosed spray booth for a quality Spray finish, and laminating stations for any plastic laminate work needed.


Installation is the last step and is equally important as all other stages of manufacturing. Attention to detail and proper coordination in the field is always top priority in order to finish the job properly and on time.