Where it all started

Chandlers Home Centre is the Grandfather of the company people know today. The Chandler brothers started this business as a home building supply centre for Prince Edward Island in 1946. Over the years Chandlers has evolved to become more and more specialized into kitchens, cabinet hardware, custom moldings, and especially countertops. The retail store still bears the same name that the company has carried since the beginning.


Chandlers is always a proud retail distributor of cabinet hardware, moldings, paints, cabinets and countertops. Chandlers Home Centre has been catering to every day customers for over 60 years with quality products and excellent service. Here are just a few of the services that Chandlers offers:

Full countertop shop specializing in post-form countertops with over 3500 linear feet to choose from. Other available countertop options include Solid Surface and Granite in many different colors and profiles.

Main sales floor that carries all types of hardware for all cabinet and millwork needs. Almost any piece of hardware can also be ordered if Chandlers does not stock it.

Large molding section which stocks over 10,000 linear feet of standard molding profiles.

Full wood mill which can produce virtually any custom molding profile from an unimaginable amount of different hardwood species.

Lumber section that carries over 10000 board feet of standard to exotic species of softwood and hardwood to achieve limitless results.

A 14000 sq ft manufacturing department that produces anything from a simple desk to a mid-to-large scale millwork project. Chandlers incorporate the latest technologies in machinery which include, CNC Router, CNC Beam Saw, Automatic Countertop Saw, and several other CNC controlled machines.